Rosie’s Beef N’ Rice Homestyle Dog Meal


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Rosie is the primary reason for the creation of Portland Pet Food Company. At age 14, her desire to eat had waned and she was losing weight. When we started cooking our own food her appetite increased immensely. Thus, we wanted so share these meals for other dogs could benefit like Rosie.

The pouch meal is all natural with no added supplements or preservatives. It is shelf stable and cooked in a pouch for convenience. It is portable and great for backpacking, travel, or at home as a special treat meal. It can be used as a soft treat for older dogs or dogs with teeth issues. And the pouch is microwavable and enjoyed by even for the finickiest eaters! The eco-friendly packaging is not only sustainable but easy to use.

100% of the ingredients in our Beef N’ Rice dog food recipe are approved for human consumption. USA sourced and made. Our beef is USDA certified and is sourced from Cascade Natural meats in the Northwest.


  • No preservatives.
  • No growth hormones.
  • No BHA.
  • No BHT.
  • No artificial coloring.
  • No artificial anything.
  • All packaging BPA free.


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