Feliway Classic Cat Calming Diffuser Kit for Cats (30 Day Starter Kit) Reduce Problem Scratching, Spraying, and Hiding


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Is your cat peeing outside the litter box, scratching your furniture and carpet, or hiding on a regular basis? These behaviors may be caused by fear and anxiety. FELIWAY products are a vet recommended, drug free, and clinically proven to help alleviate many of the unwanted behaviors cat owners deal with. FELIWAY CLASSIC provides ?happy messages? by mimicking the natural feline reassuring messages (pheromones) to make cats feel calm and comfortable at home. This product has been found to reduce scratching, spraying, and hiding for 90% of cats, and many owners see results within 7 days. Cats are also very sensitive to change, so if you anticipate changes in the home (moving, renovation, recorating, new pets, new family members, etcs.), FELIWAY is very effective in helping your cats remain calm, and adapt to the changes without unwanted behaviors. The FELIWAY Classic Diffuser Kit includes one diffuser, and one refill vial. You should plug your diffuser in the room(s) where your cat spends the most time ? each diffuser covers up to 700 sq. feet. Make sure your diffuser isn?t covered by curtains, or behind furniture. Each refill can last up to 30 days. For maximum effectiveness, you should replace your diffuser every 6 months. Make sure to follow the instructions when plugging in your diffuser, and plug the diffuser in upright.

Vet recommended: Feliway Classic is the #1 Vet recommended solution to help cats adjust to challenging situations and curb stress related unwanted behaviors
Reduces scratching and urine spraying: Clinically proven to reduce scratching and urine spraying in 9/10 cats. Results may be seen as early as 7 days
Drug free solution: Our diffuser emits an odorless copy of the facial Pheromone which helps cats feel more comfortable, and less stressed in their environment
Covers up to 700 sq feet: For best results, the Feliway Classic Diffuser should be plugged in continuoulsy in the room where the cat spends the most time, and you should avoid plugging in the diffuser under shelves and behind doors, curtains and furniture
Lasts up to 4 weeks: Our starter kit includes one diffuser head and one refill ? to maximize effectiveness, replace the vial every 4 weeks, and the diffuser every 6 months


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